Module 3: Analysis (P1: Needs Analysis)


According to the principals of instructional design (ISD), before you create an instructional product, you need to analyze. This may include a needs analysis, a task analysis, a learner analysis, and a context analysis (i.e. constraints, delivery options, etc). Through analysis phase, you, as an instructional designer or educator, decide what is to be learned and identify the instructional goals.

Analysis will be the focus of the three instructional units in this module. As there are multiple approaches to ISD, there are multiple approaches to analysis. A designer may use one or many of them. For the purpose of this course, we will primarily use tenets of analyses suggested by Morrison, Ross, and Kemp (2004) and Dick, Carey, and Carey (2005). Additional information about analysis from your textbooks and your own personal research also needs to be considered.

In this instructional unit, you will learn about needs analysis and then apply what you know to your ISD project.

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