Teaching Evaluations

Descriptive Statistics for Students’ Course Evaluations (N = 623)

Student Comments

  • Rockinson-Szapkiw has been such an inspiration to me in everything that she does. She’s not only a dissertation chair but a female mentor and a role model for balancing service, research, and family, as well. Her knowledge regarding research and the dissertation process is exceptional to say the least. I do not feel that I would have made it this far into the process without her.   What an asset! (EDUC 989 Dissertation Seminar)
  • Q’s efficiency was appreciated. The turnaround time on assignment feedback was spectacular. She has far surpassed any other professor I have had so far in the department. Not only was her turnaround time amazing she provided thoughtful feedback that made me evaluate my research plan. (EDUC 798 Advanced Research and Writing)
  • Szapkiw’s patience and encouragement in this statistics class was that of a saint. She maintained a balance of compassion and rigor and she demonstrated an exemplary model of student teacher engagement. The presentations by Dr. Szapkiw demonstrating SPSS usage were excellent! (EDUC 812: Advanced Statistics)
  • Szapkiw did a fantastic job of communicating and providing evaluative feedback for me in this dissertation process. Until I took this course, I was stalled in the dissertation process. I felt a bit ashamed that after taking a proposal class twice, I was “going back” to the prospectus class.  I have made more progress on my dissertation in the past 7 weeks than I have in the past two years under Dr. Szapkiw’s guidance. (EDUC 980 Dissertation Prospectus Development, Quantitative)
  • Szapkiw was encouraging and kind, while being evaluative and scholarly. She provides clear feedback and is willing to go the extra mile to assist students in understanding research and developing quality plans for their dissertations. Research methods is her expertise, yet she explains research in a way a novice can understand. I cannot begin to say enough positive things about her and what this course has done for my mental state in this doctoral process. (EDUC 919: Advanced Professional Writing and Research)
    I haven’t had a large amount of experience with faculty interaction in my online program. However, Dr. Szapkiw was fantastic. She was proficient about getting announcements out to the class via email and BB. In previous courses, not one time did the faculty member interact with each individual’s discussion board post for any given discussion board. Dr. Szapkiw took care to include everyone. She also offered web conferencing sessions. The constant communication was excellent and allowed for a more educationally conducive environment in a tough course to take fully online. Plus, this course was the most organized class I’ve taken online. The teacher resources were extensive and a critical part in my overall understanding of the concepts in this course. She is the best teacher I’ve worked with! She is Very analytical Very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about her subject (statistics).She is also challenging. (EDUC 712: Advanced Statistics)
  • I wish my evaluative feedback for Dr. Szapkiw was as good as hers was for me, but it difficult to think of any areas of improvement, as she is doing a fantastic job! The evaluative feedback a on assignments is the major strength of this course. Dr. Szapkiw’s feedback was as promised. She “kicked and stroked,” helping me to grow and learn. And, while I am not a fan of peer review, the structure Dr. Szapkiw provided for it made the process helpful and enjoyable. Feedback is one of the top educational best practices for student achievement and Dr. Szapkiw has mastered how to do it well. (EDUC 715 Quantitative Research)
  • Szapkiw is a caring teacher, very responsive, and displays the characteristics of an educational leader. The material is difficult but the teacher is awesome! She has excellent communication skills, is very professional, and graded critically but fairly. She even posted assignment grades within 3 days of submission. With all of the great feedback, I am not sure if she sleeps- how can she grade so thoroughly and quickly? (EDUC 639 Trends and Issues in Educational Technology)
  • Szapkiw was very attentive to the needs of students. She would always get back with us in a timely manner. She also created great learning units for this course that were incredibly thorough and easy to follow. The learning units were also full of great content and were based on research, which I appreciated. They were also interactive. I should not that she was also one of the toughest professors I have ever had; she expected excellence even in discussion board posts. (EDUC 633 Principals of Design and Management in Distance Education)
  • The videos with our professor were very helpful- she is amazing at explaining concepts and demonstrating how theory can be turned to practice. There was also a good balance of textbook reading and practical assignments. (EDUC 660 Organization and Administration of Guidance Programs)