Welcome to a lesson in writing in style (APA style, that is)!

Do you remember as a child taking play dough (or clay) in your hands and molding it into a masterpiece? Do you remember the feeling of pride that you felt as you looked at your finished masterpiece? In graduate school, you have the opportunity to use words to create masterpieces in which you can also feel a sense of pride and experience success. However, before creating a successful masterpiece, you need to understand how to construct your masterpiece in style (APA style, that is). The purpose of this lesson is to assist you in understanding how to write a paper in APA style.


When you are finished with this lesson, you should:

(Note the corresponding lesson to the "APA style" is the "APA Referencing and Citing" lesson. By completing this corresponding lesson, you should; (a)  Know how to cite works in APA style and (b) Know how to write an APA style "Reference" page (Not a "Work cited" or "Bibliography" page -- these are not APA). Make sure you complete both lessons).

Learning this knowledge and these skills will assist you in:

Let's get started!


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